Have a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Tokyo Ginza, Japan

Tokyo Ginza, Japan

Ginza is Tokyo's shopping and fashion heart in midst shiny skyscrapers. Aside from the big brands you can also find tranquil hide-aways:


  • Toriba Coffee: This shop and roastery offers a choice between two coffee blends. They only serve drip coffee for a quick caffeine fix plus this is not a sit-down café. 
  • The strawberry cake from Ginza: A sponge cake filled with strawberry and custard cream. If not for yourself this makes a good gift to bring home if bought on your last days (expiry date!).


  • Ginza Noodles: To my surprise it is easier to come across a noodle restaurant than a sushi restaurant. Upon entering you first pay and select the noodle soup on a vending machine at the entrance.  Then hand the receipt to the staff, take your seat and enjoy. 


  • Hibiya Park: is known as Japan's first Western style public park. Hibiya Park has two large flower gardens with tulips and roses and a large pond with a water fountain.
  • Hie Jinja Shrine: This shrine is located in the middle of the financial and governmental district tucked away on a small hill. You can access either via the steps through the torii gates or take the escalator(!). An unbelievably serene and quiet experience.


  • Uniqlo Ginza: Ginza is also home to the Uniqlo flagship store: 12 floors, 5.000 square meters - their biggest store worldwide. 


  • Park Hotel Tokyo: located in the business district in Minato, Park Hotel Tokyo is located in a 10 storey atrium (floors 25 until 34), boasting stunning views of the Tokyo Tower. An easy transition arriving into Japan: for breakfast you can choose between Japanese and Western style breakfast. The bathroom and spa offer THANN products- treat yourself to a massage while you are there.
Tokyo Shibuya, Japan

Tokyo Shibuya, Japan

Tokyo Marunouchi, Japan

Tokyo Marunouchi, Japan