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Tokyo Marunouchi, Japan

Tokyo Marunouchi, Japan

Marunouchi in Chiyoda is the district west of Tokyo station from where you can walk to the Imperial Palace.

If you think of a boring business zone (Stock Exchange) - think again: here you’ll find beautiful stores and cafés, too.


  • Monocle Café: this café is located in the basement of the Hankyu Men's Department store (in case you've wondered about the majority of men here). What else do you find here: excellent coffee and a good read with Monocle magazines (of course). 


  • Sushi Hanamaru: a conveyor belt sushi restaurant located in KITTE (shopping mall) close to the Tokyo station. Plan some time as this restaurant is popular and no reservations possible (we waited an hour to get in). Expect fresh fish from Nemuro (Hokkaido) at a great price.


  • Tokyo Imperial Palace: To tick this off your touristic to-do-list ;-) visit the Imperial gardens and see the Nijumbashi Bridge within a 10 minute walk from Tokyo station. Note that the Palace is not open to the public (only two days per year). 


  • United Arrows: founded in 1989 United Arrows represents a diverse and curated selection of brands and is also only a short stroll away from Tokyo station. 
  • Marunouchi Reading Style: also located in KITTE- this is a great place to find unique souvenirs to bring home: stationary and Teradamokei (find out and see here).
  • KITTE: If you think Shopping Mall, think again as this place has much more style and a selection of good restaurants all with a focus in Japanese aesthetics and cuisine. The building has an atrium and an outdoor garden on the 6th floor.  


  • Aman Tokyo: I love personal recommendations and this was one of them - a luxurious yet authentic hospitality experience. Enter the lobby which is nearly 30 meters high and offers great views over the city. Located in the business district Aman Tokyo is the brand's first city hotel - however still feels like a "resort" away from the bustle below. Their tea time is a must. 
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