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Thoughts on Travel

Thoughts on Travel

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But is travelling really about making plans? Aren't the best things that happen to us, things we did not plan?

I came across a a quote the other day:

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. 

So while I was planning on where to go for our next trip (Italy!!); I thought about this. Am I a traveller? I would love to say I am. Just booking a trip: "let's see when we get there, we'll figure it out". Definitely not me. 

Rest assured, I am already on Pinterest looking for things to see in Italy, pinning happily on which places to see, where to drink coffee, which new places have opened up for Aperitivo. Of course I want to be in the know. Guess that makes me a tourist.Not in my understanding of a tourist though - which is: tourist guide in hand, camera around your neck, backpack filled up with all necessities for anything that can possibly go wrong :D.

Thinking about the best things I had encountered during my travels, these were probably a combination of things I'd planned and things discovered along the way. 

And then there is only so little you can plan, which is the beauty of traveling, experiencing and new adventures.

When we've been to Barcelona, I had the idea to visit a cava winery. Looking up the nearest train station and comments on Tripadvisor, this seemed the easiest way to get there. No bookings needed for a tour around the winery, just be there on-time as these run every two hours. Arriving at the train station getting there is still quite far, so the idea is to call a taxi. Mind you, I did not have a taxi number on hand, nor did I speak Spanish. We are in the smallest village, there is a train that runs every hour. Nothing else. So much for planning. 

We did eventually end up at the winery, made the tour, tasted the cava and took a taxi (there are only two in this town). It was one of the best things we've experienced in Barcelona. We still laugh about my "great planning", in the end I did say 'let's get there and then we'll figure it out'. 

And maybe it needs two: one traveller and one tourist, or a little bit of both. 

Coffee place Zurich: Sprüngli

Coffee place Zurich: Sprüngli

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